The land was purchased from Squire John Holt-Wilson in 1937. The playing field was initially used as a cricket field following relocation of the cricket pavillion from Barley Birch in Botesdale. The first building was a nissen hut which was used for showing films and for social events. Children used to roll stones over the roof during the scary parts, to frighten the audience inside. The present hall is on the same footprint as the nissen hut. A programme of continuous improvement has created the many facilites now available.

Running the Hall and its facilities is the responsibility of the Village Hall Management Committee. This consists of the custodian trustees and representatives from a number of village organisations using the hall, and normally meets six times a year. All are unpaid volunteers.


Contacts are as follows:-


Chairman:     Position Vacant

Deputy Chairman: Dominic Ebert                        07983 601424                                    

Farmers' Market Manager:     John Foulger        07771 522 095    e-mail 

Booking Secretary:     Charles Greenhough      0770 996 2658  Daytime only please   e-mail