Chairman's report for year ending 31 October 2019

We have had another strong year, with a healthy financial position at year end. In common with many other venues, we have seen reduced attendance and expenditure at some fund-raising events. We have, however, seen improved results from our monthly Farmers' Markets, and also from our monthly Village Hall Lottery. These two ongoing fund raisers, together with other events organised and run by the Hall Management Committee, continue to produce over 40% of the Hall's income, a vital contribution to its ongoing success.

There were 543 hirings of the Hall this year, the fifth consecutive year above 500. The nature of our hirers was broadly unchanged, with several regular health and fitness groups, along with weekly sessions for the elderly and for the very young. Numerous other hirers ranged from social and educational to business, and the Hall continues to be the primary centre for community activities in the village. In addition our multi-use games area was again busy, in particular with league netball, and with tennis during the summer. Our modest hire charges make for a virtuous circle, with a busy Hall able to maintain its standards because it is busy, thus generating a reliable income.

None of this of course would be possible without the generous gifts of time and skills given to the Hall and to the community by our team of Committee members and other volunteers. Thanks are due to all concerned. 

On the back of all this activity we were able to carry out some important projects during the year. We replaced the concrete terrace on the field side of the Hall with porous brick pavers, assisted financially by our local District Council. We smartened up the main entrance, replacing rotten wooden fascias with uPVC, and patching defective brickwork. The broken main water boiler in the Hall was replaced with separate electric water heaters for each room, and the rotten doors on the field side were replaced.

Going forward we intend to upgrade the disabled toilet facility to the same standard as the main toilets and, subject to funding being available from outside sources, also hope to replace the time-expired skate park during 2020. 

There is, however, one significant cloud on the horizon, darkening the current very positive situation. This is that, while we are fortunate in the support we get from members of our Committee for events which we organise ourselves, we have no-one stepping forward to take on key voluntary management vacancies, specifically Treasurer and Lottery Manager.  The present incumbents in both of these roles are continuing in the short term, but clearly the future of the Hall will be at risk if people do not come forward to take on such essential roles. A serious concern, and one which has to be addressed during the next few months.

Robert G Clark, Chairman                                                                                                                                 November 2020


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