Annual Report, presented to the AGM on 26 November 2021


Rickinghall Village Hall

(Rickinghall Silver Jubilee Playing Field)   Charity Number 1031063


Firstly. I will not mention 'pandemics' we all know what that did to the hall and I do not want to run through it again.

Secondly. We will not discuss any of our committee problems, past or present, again we all know them.

Setting all that aside, somehow we have had a good year. The Farmers' Markets are doing very well under the circumstances and income coming from the autojumble and car boot helped a lot.

Downers : firstly, our local football team folded many years ago, and Wortham Football Team which used the field and facilities  has now folded and secondly, the failure of the Jazz evening.

But the uppers. In many ways it is the work done to the building. We have replaced the road side doors, four windows on the south front, including the kitchen. We have completed the quinquenial electrical check and defects are mostly rectified, with a plan in place to rectify the remaining defects. The hall lights have been changed to LEDs. We have fitted three external electrical sockets and replaced three external lights and wiring facing the field. A second picnic table has been fitted near the skate park. The sports court has been deep cleaned. The bar toilet has been repainted by Dominic. The remaining exterior woodwork with the exception of the road side windows has been repainted and is in sound condition.  This is not counting the lots of small jobs, some wear and tear, some forced on us by vandalism.

That's not a bad list for one year.

David Lister

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