As part of its fundraising activities, the village hall committee has for many years run a monthly lottery. We have re-launched the lottery with a £100 top prize and £100 of smaller prizes every month. Tickets are £1 each with no limit on the number you can buy!


New members of the lottery are always welcome to help raise money towards the cost of projects for the ongoing development of the hall and its facilities.


We hope that you will feel that for a relatively small contribution, and one which may win you a handy prize, you can help to maintain our valuable village hall facility.


If you would like to join, telephone Liz Draper 01359 251804. An official (named) collector will be at your door within a day or three.


The monthly draw is held at 11.00 am on the second Saturday of every month at Rickinghall Village Hall during the farmers' market.  This is the ideal oportunity to join the lottery and support the hall. 

Winning Numbers

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